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Heavy-duty construction for strong starting power

Schumacher’s ProSeries Manual Battery Charger and Engine Starter provides a heavy-duty manual charging solution for users who want full control when charging their vehicle’s battery. The DSR140 is equipped with a 135-minute timer and amperage controls, as well as an easy-to-read amp meter, to monitor the charging process. Powerful enough to jump-start SUVs, trucks, and other large engines, the DSR140 offers 50 Amp 12V and 25 Amp 24V boost modes to bring a depleted battery back to life quickly.

In addition to keeping a vehicle’s battery charged, the DSR140’s build quality includes a sturdy metal case, compact wheels, and a retractable handle to maximize limited storage space while also providing the power required to keep going and the durability to take a beating. For solid performance and rugged design, choose Schumacher’s ProSeries line of heavy chargers.

Additional features include:

  • Solid-state circuitry with silicone diodes for optimum performance
  • Easy-to-read meter shows charging levels
  • 12-foot reach with 6-foot power cord and 6-foot, front-mounted output cables
  • Meets the highest industry standards for energy efficiency
  • One-year warranty

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