Are your Golf Cart Batteries Ready?

Our FSIP Battery Analyzer will tell you how your batteries’ health compares to a new set of batteries with a report of its capacity. Good to know before you start your season! Not only do you receive a capacity report and comparison to new batteries, but your batteries’ capacity may improve by as much as 20% just from the shedding of sulfation from the plates that occurs during the Analyzer’s carefully monitored cycling process. This is a good test of your batteries’ ability to perform BEFORE your friends show up to ride with you. 

Our Promise:  If the report news is good, then you have the confidence of knowing your batteries are ready for your upcoming season. We test drive it for safety and good running order and will let you know if anything is amiss.  

If the report is not-so-good, then we will give you options for new batteries, cables or whatever is needed AND can credit you $100 toward the purchase of batteries, cables, labor or whatever is needed to get your cart back in good condition.   

  • Full Service: Annual Golf Cart Maintenance $299 includes:

    • Battery Cleaning and Maintenance

    • Report Analyzing and Desulfation

    • Testing and cleaning of your charger

    • Clean and check all battery connections

    • Thorough Cleaning of your cart

  • A La Carte Service: Golf Cart Battery Maintenance $199 includes:

    • Battery Cleaning and Maintenance Report

    • Analyzing and Desulfation 

    • Clean and Check all battery connections

    • Basic Cleaning of your cart

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