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PS-80 Portable Power Station


The Antigravity PS-80 is our latest addition to our new Energy Storage line. The PS-80 is an extremely compact, lightweight Lithium-Ion Portable Power Station that offers a best-in-class 78,000mAh of capacity and boasts numerous output ports including a Pure Sine Wave AC outlet. Charge and power your electronics such as Cameras, Laptops, Fans, Camp Lighting, Mini Fridges and any other 24V, 12V or USB devices. The PS-80 even has Wireless Phone Charging!

  • High Capacity: 78,000mAh (288Wh)
  • 8 Power Outputs:
    • Three DC outputs (24V, 12V, Lighter Socket)
    • Four USB ports (incl. QC3.0 and USB-C)
    • AC outlet (260W continuous)
  • LED Light built-in
  • 3 Ways to Recharge:
    • Wall Charger (included)
    • Car Charger (included)
    • Optional Solar Panels 

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